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 “Ten years for growing a tree, hundred years for educating a person”, that education is conscience mission we are pursuing for perfect endlessly. For the karma fortune two and half years ago, I was so fortunately that took over the charge of Chia-Yi Industrial High School with good reputation of [One of Eight Big Provincial Industry Schools], my heart simmers with reverence and awe, work from morning till night, never be remiss and exert myself to serve for the education. Furthermore I realize that service is a reputation as well as a responsibility. I am ponder over how to make Chia-Yi forward better hourly and expect our school be a top-ranking institution of education in the country-wide, build up sample status of the whole country, so as to be responsible for the parents, present to our schoolfellow and be responsible for the history. These thoughts and heartquake spur some riffle against my heart, and ulteriorly that spur me up to the desire of upgrading further impetus for the school administration management.

 For according with the demands in the diverse society, pursuing for novelty and renovation are required in the diverse education. [Stay in status quo, means outdated], our school has a reputable history of eighty-two years, it can be said that our school is a second to none against the all industrial high schools of the whole country on the all kinds of construction, no matter what the soft equipment or hard equipment; Furthermore on the talents cultivation, which has the status holding the balance of all levels and fields in the whole country. It may be say that the outstanding person comes forth in great number, that is our reputation, our pride; particularly we have achieved good performance on some aspects like: for so many years, the proud performance on the entering a higher school rate of four-year and two-year colleges, art competition, technology exhibition and international skill competition etc. aspects are achieved, all that are the achievements of all faculties strive for commonly.

 However, we are not satisfied with this. We must improve our competitive edges, enhance human culture, foster international concept being the direction of our striving for, while we are striding forward 21st century developing nation and knowledge economy era. Therefore we should face respectable challenges as to improve attainment on human culture, maintain the competitive edge of entering a higher school, layout campus environment, reinforce soft and hard equipment, pursue the concept of learning with all life, strengthen the accomplishment of the teachers and cultivate e-century talents etc. so as to improve the teaching quality and competitive edges of our school, and foster excellent students who accommodate to the changeable society.
 Facing these challenges, we should bring forward the corresponding strategy as soon as possible; so as to the sharpening oncoming force through the society cannot eliminate us. Therefore here I would like to provide some opinions for urging all students and teachers commonly.

Improve the attainment of students on human culture:
Human culture and art always are the nuclear courses for education, and our school usually enjoys the reputation for engineering course in the whole country. Commonly our students are edified less on human culture. And we should strengthen the general education, language and literature education. It is expected that the language and literature education and human culture can be cultivated deeply and grow in our school, to guide all student forward comprehensive development and cultivate many excellent students with comprehensive quality for responding to the changeable society fleetly.


Strengthen students’ learning ability:
lead the teaching panel of our school to do a good course layout, teaching material and approach research; and contribute all knowledge, care and guide more students; build warm and harmonious learning ambience. Strengthen lessons guidance for entering a higher school rate, lay a foundation of basic course strength, and promote every student to upgrade for entering to a ideal college, and up to the top of entering a higher school again. In additional, cultivate the students’ ability in English, urge them to join in the English-examination mechanism, and upgrade their listening, speaking, reading and writing ability to meeting with world and enhance our students’ international concept.

III. Layout campus environment:
In the 21st century, reformation on soul is focused on, environment education is very important. A classroom is the learning place of students. So we should layout our classrooms well, and executive staff, teachers and students are required to join in for creating beautiful teaching environment and edifying gracious sentiment. The beautification and virescence of our school is the best place to cultivate physical and intellectual integrity. And it is the matters that no time to delay that layout well and bring the teaching functions into play.
IV. Reinforce soft and hard equipment:
it is the aim we are striving for to reinforce soft and hard equipment, all department should provide interrelated leaning information to help guide the students’ learning direction and expand their vision, particularly enrich diversified books. Furthermore run well all instructive education activities, advocate diverse leaning and foster good human relations of students; on the other hand, regarding the hard equipment, we should strengthen complete equipment, as well as build excellent teaching environment and the students’ hard work, our school would be a top-ranking in the whole country can be expected soon.
V. Pursue the concept of learning with all life:
It's never too late to learn”. It is impelled by the current of time that we should promote the concept of learning with all life. So as to our focus is to urge the teacher to engage in advanced studies in the future, study their second specialty, put the concept of learning with all life into effect for upgrading their accomplishment and teaching ability, further setting up teaching on self-determination, improving teaching quality and integrating school and civilian resources, bringing all powers into play and promoting effectively the concept of learning with all life.
VI. Cultivate e-century talent:
For meeting with the sharpening and changeable fleetly competition and challenges, we should strengthen information teaching based on the existing resources, draw our future vista, establish Internet learning system and the e-century learning atmosphere with all life and cultivate e-century talent roundly for meeting with the current of society and enhancing competitive edges in the future.

 In order to respond to the education reformation and inaugurate new situation for our school, from 2003 we will recruit comprehensive high school, and provide many bearings ways, so that not only teachers would be responsibility for themselves but also the students would achieve good performance at the school and gain the affirmation from their parents and community. According to the matriculation registration of grade one, there are about forty-three students whose results have up to the entering a higher school standard of National Chia-Yi Senior High School and National Chia-Yi Girls' Senior High School, so Chia-Yi is ideal school where the students in the Yuning, Chiayi Region desire.

 In 2004, we would recruit comprehensive high school to be class 7, and estimate the natural science, sociology etc. learned courses and computer accessorial machine, automobile technique, electronic technique, chemical engineering, information technique, electrical machinery technique, building design, interior design etc. technical courses would be offered. Our school is qualified with excellent professional teachers and equipment on different departments; in additional with good teachers for the ingoing basic courses (Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and Geography. The strong teachers lineup and teaching panel, it certainly is expected that good learning atmosphere would be founded for providing diverse learning opportunities, arousing personnel potential, bringing fully their excellent wisdom into play and conforming to the developing current of this society and meeting to the coming of knowledge economy time, sharpening their competitive edges in the future.

 At last, I take charge of school administration for more two years. It can be called every little thing stay into my heart. It can be ignored that personal reputation, but never be ignored that our focus on advancement of the school administration, stride forward more excellent educational environment. To figure Chia-Yi excellent band and establish advanced basic education environment, are the purposes I am striving for. At present the time of knowledge economy is coming, only all our teachers and students commonly stride forward with our chin up, hold “Chia-Yi Limbed, Ideal Chased” engineering, pull out all steps, move forward and strive for our future continually. Monkey year should be a good year, let’s strive for commonly and string our hope, ideal, energy for a bright blueprint. Thus, the bright prospect of Chia-Yi is presenting before your eyes.